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August 13: Get your team on the same page - instantly!

Version: 1.2.7-beta.5.

Add this template from https://app.astrid.ai/s/392ec8b84

Add this template from https://app.astrid.ai/s/392ec8b84

In this week's release, we're making collaboration across multiple tools easier than ever. With a single click, you can share an entire workspace with your team, allowing everyone to get on the same page instantly, setting you up for focused collaboration!

Share Astrid spaces and templates with your team! We're introducing gorgeous space-sharing pages so you can invite anyone to a workspace, regardless if they have Astrid or not.

Collaboration can be strenuous and time-consuming, especially when working across multiple tools. Getting your team on the same page requires sharing links and files, and it takes time before the actual collaboration and work can even start. But not anymore!

With Astrid, you can now share an entire workspace with multiple tools with your team in just one click, getting everyone on the same page instantly.

New features ✨

CleanShot 2021-08-12 at 15.26.15.gif

You can find the "share" button in the Astrid dock. Click and enter your coworker's email address, and they will get an invite to join and collaborate on your project.

Collaborators get an overview of the space, its purpose and can join with a single click - no credit cards needed, and they'll skip the waiting list and get access right away. macOS is still required, but we're planning to develop a guest mode available across any platform.

Spaces as templates

We've also made it easier and faster to onboard new team members. Share spaces as templates to set up new team members with everything they need in just one click.

Design your workspace templates with every app, link, folder, and more, that you need to get new team members up to speed - and simply share it: